Player Eligibility

Please note:

  • The ESL AU&NZ Championship aims to be a tournament where all levels of competitors and teams are allowed to compete without restriction. 
  • Rosters are not enforced for our open competitions, meaning any combination of players are allowed to compete. 
  • ALL competitors that are invited to compete will be required to sign a declaration before they will be allowed to compete.

    • Competitors will declare their team status and rightful agreement to be on that team.
    • Competitors will declare what their final team roster will be.

  • Any evidence submitted to ESL from an organisation that presents issues with players that have signed their declaration will prompt an investigation where this evidence is to be reviewed.
  • If conclusive evidence has been found proving that a player is in breach of their signed declaration, ESL reserves the right to refuse a competitor from competing in the finals.


We recommend that in the time before the Invitational, Playoffs and now, competing players review any contracts or other restrictions that they may be currently bound by to ensure that they are not in risk of being penalised.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact anzchamps(at) or visit our Facebook or Twitter page.