Rainbow 6 Premiership Qualifiers for 2018!
If you're looking to join the Premiership in 2018 here's how you get involved!

At EGX earlier this year we announced that Rainbow 6 on Xbox One would be joining the Premiership for 2018. We've been running a successful Go4UK cups throughout 2017 and with Ubisoft have given away £6,200 in prize money so far this year!

With such fierce competition happening every week we will be looking to continue to rewards loyal players by opening up the Premiership qualifers to the Go4 top 4 finalists from our December 9th finals!

Go4s are four weekly cups on a Tuesday that reward points based on where you finish in each tournament. The top 8 teams from the 4 weekly cups qualify for the Go4finals running on Saturdays, with the final one of the year running on December 9th.

If you're looking to join the Premiership next year and compete with the elite in the UK on Xbox One then you'll need to start signing up!

The remaining 4 teams will be qualified via an Open Qualifier on December 16th.