Valiance & Co (ex-Binary Dragons) reigning over the group stage!
Week 6 ended with significant upsets and upheavals! Read more below.

Despite Squared eSports best efforts to stay on top, Valiance & Co’s outstanding performance during the 6th round of the group stage proved to be sufficient for the squad to surpass squared and climb to the first spot on the ladder.

In their rescheduled match against Ripple, V&CO scored another win that in combination with their win over Zonic eSports last Tuesday effectively put them on the top of the ladder, making them the first team that gets to qualify straight to the live finals.

Coming into the first upset of the round, Squared lost their match against Resistance, bringing them in a tie for the second place, thus making their matches this week even more interesting as it will be decided who will be the second team that gets to go to the live finals.

Ripple’s eSports match against Kliktech turned out to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, with the latter eventually snatching another most wanted win and 3 points. The final group stage standings are yet to be decided, as Locastic’s win over proWince last Wednesday brought them into a tie with Zonic, Ripple and proWince.


Ripple eSports vs V&CO 0:2 (rescheduled from week 4)

KTech vs Ripple eSports 2:1

V&CO vs Zonic eSports 2:0

Locastic vs proWince 2:0

Sqaured vs Resistance 0:2

Upcoming Matches



Tuesday, October 31

KTech vs Squared

proWince vs Zonic eSports

Wednesday, November 1

V&CO vs Locastic

Resistance vs Ripple