Announcing the Road to Reboot InfoGamer FIFA18 qualifier!
The Road to Reboot InfoGamer is once again open for those of you who wish to grab the challenge and compete for a spot at the live finals this November in Zagreb!

Following the successful completion of the FIFA17 tournament, we are now announcing one more competition, this time for FIFA18. Taking into consideration your feedback about the structure of the league and since your satisfaction is of outmost importance to us, we have organized this one in order to be faster and easier for you to participate, qualify and of course, live the offline finals experience this November in Zagreb!


Starting on the 28th of October, you will have the opportunity to participate in four open qualifiers, where based on your rankings you will be receiving points accordingly! Once the 4th and final cup is over, the top 8 contestants will advance to the closed qualifier phase.

Open Qualifiers

For all of you that wish to test your strength and contest a share of the prize pool, you will have the chance to compete in one of our four open qualifiers, which will take place at the following dates:

Qual #1: 28/10 – SIGNUP HERE

Qual #2: 29/10 – SIGNUP HERE

Qual #3: 4/11 – SIGNUP HERE

Qual #4: 5/11 – SIGNUP HERE

All of the above qualifiers will start at 16:00 CEST.

Closed Qualifiers

As previously discussed, the top8 finishers will proceed to the closed qualifier phase where they will be called to compete in a Double-Elimination bracket on the 11th of November. The top3 finishers will get to join Edi Basic, FIFA17’s winner, to the live finals at Reboot InfoGamer!

The closed qualifier will start at 16:00CEST on the 11/11