GamePub won the 4th open CS:GO qualifier!
Well, this is it, folks! Our online qualifiers are officially done, and we have our 16 best teams that will dish it out in the next stage of the competition.

It’s been a wonderful month for all of us in the League, and we’re eager to see what’s going to happen next as the it charges towards the group stage.


The fourth round of the online qualifiers gathered 40 CS:GO teams last Saturday, and the lucky four teams to qualify were Game Pub, Mischievous E-Sports, Dual Desektas and GIANT5. They will join the previously qualified teams in the second round of the qualifiers, where they will be competing for the slot in the League. Game Pub were the winners of the qualifying round, edging out Mischievous in the final, with the score 16:13 on Dust2.


As the online qualifiers are behind us, we’re turning our sights to the qualifier groups that will start shortly. However, because of the Battle4Split LAN tournament that is taking place this weekend, we’ll be moving the dates of the groups slightly, so that the dates don’t clash and the teams that play in both competitions have adequate time to prepare and practice.


One more announcement we have to make is that KlikTech has disbanded, and we’re left with one extra slot for the next phase. To fill it we’re announcing one extra cup this Saturday that will include the 4 losing quarter final teams from the 4 online qualifiers, and the lucky winners will advance through the next phase of the competition.


We’re looking forward to the next step in the qualifiers and are itching to see who will be the teams that come out as winners of the qualifier groups. As always, stay tuned for more info, and make sure you follow us on social media!