Announcing the 2nd Season of Vip Adria League
It’s been quite the eventful few months for the League, and we’ve all been hard at work ever since the finals last year. We’re sure you’ve missed us but fear not: we’re back, and boy do we have a lot to talk about!

After a great first season we sat down and analysed everything that happened in the League and tried to figure out what were the parts that worked well, as well as the ones that could be improved for the second season. We did this to make sure that the League is better and more competitive than last year, while also making sure we kept everything the fans liked.

The basics

This season will revolve around the two most popular esports in the region: Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. We decided that it’s the best to focus on providing a great experience for both teams and fans, which led us to decide on these two games as the base of the League.

The goal

The goal of the League for season two remains unchanged: we’re striving to be the proving ground for the regional players and an environment where teams can gain experience on a higher level. We aspire to create a professional esport environment in the region, and do our best to help teams with perspective to rise up and shine on the global scene. We’re also heavily devoted to shining a light on rising stars of the regional scene and offering help to both players and teams to conquer the first steps towards esport fame. We are aware that becoming a world-class player or a team is no easy task, but we also know how to spot talents and help them grow.

The timeline

We know that the thing most of our fans wonder most about is the question of how will the League look this year, and will it be any different than last year. The answer to this question is both yes and no. This year we’ve decided to split the qualifiers for CS:GO and LoL, meaning that the CS:GO qualifiers will be fully over and the teams known before the LoL qualifiers start. This is slightly different than last year, but we believe this to be the better option for everyone. We’re also reducing the number of invited teams to two from each game.

This means that the two invited teams from each game will be joined by six teams that will earn their place through the qualifying rounds. How is that going to work? Well, I’m glad you asked:

  • First we start with 4 rounds of open qualifiers, each providing us with 4 teams.
  • The 16 qualified teams will be distributed into 4 qualification groups, according to their place in the qualifiers.
  • The teams in the 4 groups will play against each other, with the best placed teams in the groups qualifying directly to the league.
  • After the qualifying group stages are done, there’s going to be one more round of wildcard qualifiers for all teams who didn’t make it, bringing 2 more teams to the league.

What this means is that we’re allowing more chances for teams to get inside the League, thus reducing the chance of one bad match knocking you out of the qualifiers. This way, everyone gets slightly better chances, and we’re making sure that the best teams are getting a place in the League. Of course, with more qualifying matches comes more work, but we’re sure the teams will be up to the task.

The League will officially start in September, with 6 qualified teams joining the 2 invited ones for a standard round-robin format. After 7 match days, TOP 2 teams will directly qualify for the LAN finals, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th placed teams will enter the playoffs to decide the remaining 2 teams.

The finals

After an amazing LAN tournament at the last year’s Reboot InfoGamer, we’re coming back this year! The LAN finals will be held at the same place as last year, and we’ll update you with the full schedule soon. That’s it for now, and make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to get fresh information as soon as possible. Make sure you warm up your trigger fingers and stay tuned for the announcement of the first invited teams !